Our competencies

Rustfri DK is a modern company that also accepts its social responsibility.

Metalspinning – flowforming

We have 70 years of experience in the metal press.

We use CNC-controlled press benches. In addition, we have 2 robot-operated press benches combined with extension presses and hydraulic press, which means if holes are being embossed in the topics, this can be offered.

Additionally, we have a tree rollbench, used in the manufacture of cylinders.

Metalspinning Hand pressure Conical Cylindical
Pressure length, min. 800 mm 800 mm 400 mm
Diameter, max 750 mm 750 mm 130 mm

Montage and gluing

In our glue department we can glue and fit within a large area of virtually all types of plastic, all in accurate dosing and under optimum conditions in terms of humidity and ventilation and ventilation.

In our specially decorated glue room, we add all glueable thermoplastic materials together. We also glue with UV glue that provides a strong joining, which is almost invisible. UV-Glueing is used primarily for small items with high finish. Similarly, we have trained staff in glueing with epoxy.

In our fitting, we can mount and assemble almost all kinds of steel products and plastic goods, the advantage is that we can package and ship goods to the customer depending on customer needs.

Laser Cutting

Rustfri DK possesses a modern CNC controlled laser cutter from Trumpf which with its 4 KW enables us to cut all common materials and thicknesses up to 22mm.

Laser cutting is part of the latest technology that goes hand in hand with traditional blacksmith work and is a very flexible and cost-effective production method for cutting sheet metal, where even the most complex parts are cut with high precision and a speed that is competitive with most other machining processes.

If you select laser cutting of your items, you get:

  • High precision (down to 0.1 mm)
  • Minimal influence of heat
  • Optimal plate utilization
  • Increased productivity
  • Minimal risk of distortion
  • low production costs

Rustfri DK can cut large batches or single items and can offer laser cutting as a subcontractor, or as part of a total solution. So contact us today and get a specific quote on your next laser cutting task.

Laser Cutting Iron Stainless steel Aluminium
Thickness, max. 22 mm 10 mm 8 mm
Sheet format 3000 x 1500 mm 3000 x 1500 mm 3000 x 1500 mm

Packing and shipping

Rustfri DK has great experience in packing of dry products and retail goods, etc.. In the package department, we are geared for even very large quantities of goods on our packaging lines. With a high degree of automation, such as box- and pallet-wrapping, we have large capacity in the package department.

As part of our total solutions, we provide, to receive products directly from your company’s suppliers and we are doing receiving inspection, packaging, and possibly direct delivery to the end customer. We manage to obtain design, quality and functionality going up into a higher unity.

We offer the following package types:

  • Shrink wrapping
  • Overpack
  • Bag packing
  • Repacking
  • Gift packaging
  • Display pack

Rustfri DK offers besides manufacturing, assembly and shipment to be a storage facility for customers. With the complete solution, the customer only need to have the idea, and conducts marketing and sales – we manage the rest.

Robot Production

We have 10 years of experience with robots. We have the following robot cells available:

  • With deep drawing excentric press / trimming / rerolling-machine
  • With spot welding signing 2 excentric pressure cell is combined with a rolling machine + roller welder
  • CNC controlled press bench with excentric press, hydraulic press and rondelle trimmer
  • Push-bench excentric press

We have several customized solutions and we will also find the solution for existing and new customers.

Robotic sanding

We have 4 robot cells, all equipped with 8 feet band rig, tool change, fibre-brushing, dry polishing, wax dosage. So all kinds of grinding / polishing can be offered on our robots. In addition, we have 1 robot equipped with vision.

We have several customized solutions and we will also find the solution for existing and new customers.

Plate cutting

On our Rondelle cutter we cut discs of various steels from Ø160 mm to Ø1600 mm. On our hydraulic shears, we record lap with felt bottom, so scratches and marks are avoided. We can cut several types of steel up to max. width of 3000 mm. One of our advantages is, we have great experience in handling even large plates, so as to avoid scratches and marks in the subjects during production. This makes any subsequent polishing faster and cheaper.

Cutting Steel Stainless Steel
Cutting length, max 3000 mm 3000 mm
Thickness, max 6 mm 3 mm
Rondelle cutting Steel Stainless Steel
Diameter, min 160 mm 160 mm
Diameter, max 1600 mm 1600 mm
Thickness 0,3-4 mm 0,3-3 mm

Grinding and polishing

We have over 70 years experience in grinding, polishing and brushing of all types of steel. In our modern grinding facility we can handle both large and small series. In our machinery, we have traditional abrasive bending, grinding machines, robotic grinding and center less grinding.

We can also offer everything in dry-polishing, frosting, wax polish and vibration-polish of stainless steel, copper and brass. By grinding, we can remove all coarse inhomogeneities such as burrs, welds and scratches. By polishing we achieve a bright surface, while brushing achieved by a frosted surface.


We offer machining in turning and milling on CNC-controlled machines. We also have the option of machining of hardened steel on our CNC-controlled wire sparking.

We can produce complete tools or parts to tools. We can perform plane grinding of all steel types.

Punching – Deep drawing

We have 70 years experience in Punching – Deep Drawing.

Deep features are often used in connection with metal press, for example in the manufacture of cylinders, where you first create a prepress and then rolls it to the final measures. It saves materials and gives more freedom to design the articles.

Possibility of using robots.

Punching and deep drawing Excentric punching Hydraulic punching
Max press force 125 Tons 200 Tons
Max backstop 30 Tons 150 Tons


We have 70 years experience in welding steel and stainless steel, where we can offer TIG, CO2, ultrasound, roller or spot welding and soldering. Welding, often in consultation with the customer, will take place at our factory in Latvia, in order to achieve the most economically optimal outcome

Employees at Locitech Production has particularly extensive experience in TIG welding from the production of designer chair frames and lamps

Combination of rolling machine and roll welding is optimal for a good production flow in the manufacture of welded shroud plates, for example cylindrical buckets. The welded shroud plates may possibly be further processed in a cell robot

Welding TIG welding CO2 Spot welding Bolt welding
Effect, max. 240 A 400 A 60 kVA 1,4 KVA
Bolt size, max. None M8

Wash and degreasing

In our tunnel wash system, we can wash oil of topics, as well as pre-polished themes completely free lime stains and other deposits. Our tunnel washer can handle even large items. Washing is environmentally friendly and are incredibly efficient and rational.

Wash and degreasing Height Width Length
Item dimensions, max 500 mm 600 mm 3000 mm